Cassie turned 13 this year (don’t let the candles fool you). She has also embarked on a new adventure. Due to covid this year, students have been going back and forth between online and in person school depending on the quarantine rules of the Kyiv government. After experiencing a big challenge with having online zoom classes, and also with the tiring schedule of leaving for school at 7am (when in person) and returning at 5:00 (with several hours of school work to do when coming home), she made a big move. Starting in January 2021 we decided to try an online school platform through a school in Alberta. This school specializes in online classes. This meant that Cassie is self paced and working through her different subjects on her own timeline. This has been a great change so far. While making a significant effort to maintain social friendships from school, some additions we have been able to make is having a Russian tutor so the learning is happening at her own pace and skill level, having a gym membership so that we are ensuring she stays in shape, and Mom leads the health class 🙂 I (Angela) have been really loving and treasuring all of the extra time I have had with Cassie this year. She will do this again for grade 8 and then she will likely return to KCA for highschool, but we will evaluate again at that point.