Last year around this time Cassie decided to try an online school that is based in Alberta. The basic concept is that each course (math, science, social studies, and English) has four lessons that need to be completed each week. Some students do all four courses each day, and some do one day of math, one day of English etc. The fun part of this method is that we have been able to supplement Cassie’s other classes like piano, russian and health class during the daytime rather than in the evenings. Also, we can go work in a library together or go to a coffee shop. It has been so wonderful to have so much time with her this past year. Probably for grade 9 she will go back to her regular school, but for this past season, it has been just so life giving to get to spend so much time with Cassie!

Given the gift of a Jets hockey game

The Boys are both in the same school here in Winnipeg that they went to a few years ago when we were home. It has been fun to watch them reconnect with friends. They both really enjoy school, learning and friends. I am amazed at how these boys excel in their learning and also in the way they express love to all of us in our family. Every night the kids yell from one room to the next “I love you!” to each other. I am so grateful that while throughout the day there are definitely arguments, by the end of the day we can all still say, “I love you!”