The Lord desires relationship with you and with me. That is the overarching theme of scripture, from the beginning in the garden, to the choosing of a people that will walk in faith and relationship with God (rather than the idols around them) and shine to the people around them so that they desire a relationship with that same God as well, to the sending of his son Jesus so that we can be in relationship with God, to the very end where God vanquishes and judges evil, and people can live in perfect relationship with a Holy God.

That is why he asks for love… love for him and others. Because God is love and he just wants us to walk with him, not ignoring him and doing our own thing all day long.

So as we are here in Norway, wanting to pray and ask the Lord, where does he want us after these 3 months? He has replied back to our hearts: before He leads us onto next steps, we need to be sure to stop and make sure we are seeking to love him alone, not just his plans for us, not just our next steps, but him. He is not a fortune teller or a vending machine that we get to just always take from, but He is the God of the universe, who is actually amazingly intimately involved in each person’s life, including ours, and our children’s lives.

So that has been a good reminder, a reorienting during this time, like pulling out a compass and making sure it is pointing in the right direction. Where to next? We don’t know, but that isn’t really the point, is it?