Partner With Us

After hearing an account of the spiritual needs of India, the secretary of the meeting remarked: “There is a gold mine in India, but its seems almost as deep as the center of the earth. Who will venture to explore it?” “I will venture to go down,” said William Carey, “but remember that you must hold the ropes.”
This quote is great. Fellow missionary William Carey got it right, his partners hold the ropes. He wasn’t able to do it alone. The same is true for us, we can’t do it without people like you on our team. Let’s face it, it takes money to fulfill the Great Commission. “So you’re not paid?” Yep… that’s right, not a dime. No one in Youth With a Mission is, not even the founder! And yet, it is the one of the largest missions organizations in the world: in over 180 countries with over 18,000 staff all who rely on God’s provision and a team of people behind them. The Bible teaches we are all to be a part of missions. Maybe living in Ukraine is not your calling. That’s ok. We believe it is ours. God has called us to go, lay down other careers, and give our lives day in and day out here. Others are called to pray or financially partner. We have people that give anywhere from $10 a month to a lot more. It’s a wide variety and all of it adds up! Would you prayerfully consider investing in the long-term work of missions in Ukraine and Europe with us? Should your answer be yes, thank you for your investment. It leaves us humbled and with a great sense of responsibility.

Questions on giving

What does my donation go towards?

All donations go towards our personal living expenses and ministry expenses in Ukraine. In addition, we aim to give generously when we see need and be able to travel throughout in the continent to teach.

How do you handle money? Do you follow any principles or values?

Here are financial values for our life & ministry:
  • Give generously.
  • Save & Invest.
  • Live simply.
  • Show hospitality.
Our church also works with us to set a reasonable budget every four years based on current costs of living in Ukraine.

How exactly do you get the money?

People give to us through three primary means: The money is deposited into our bank account and we access it with our debit card overseas. These are tax deductible options for Canadians and Americans.

Can I set up monthly giving?

Yes, monthly Automatic Bank drafts can be set up easily. This is also very helpful for us to properly budget our finances.

Is it cheap to live in Ukraine?

Some things are cheaper than Canada, like housing and food. However, alot of things are much more expensive than you would imagine. Import taxes are very high, so there is no ‘Walmart’ if you will. Clothes, shoes, appliances, furniture and kitchen items are all much more expensive than Canada.

Any creative or practical ideas instead of money?

Yes! Here are some ideas: Prayer: There are many people who pray for us, and this is SO important. If you are praying for us, please let us know. If you are led to pray for something specific or if God leads you to share something with us we would be grateful to hear about it. Care Packages: It is rare today to get mail and practically a holiday when we get something from home. Some ideas are: Brown sugar, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Starbucks coffee, Mini Eggs at Easter, Peanut Butter, Photos, Maple Syrup, English/French Books for the Kids. Anything! Surprise us. Other Interesting Ideas: Here are some things that people have done in the past. Maybe it will spark some ideas.
  • ITunes Gift/Gift Card
  • One person sends us a bit of money at each of the kid’s birthdays to buy them something special or put it in their education fund.
  • A friend found out all of our sizes and sent a new outfit for each of us.
  • Starbucks gift cards when we are in town to be able to take people out for coffee.
  • Gift cards so we can go on a proper Canadian date when we are in town.