Back to School / Back to Work

We all headed back to work after a few days of unpacking and settling into the house we have rented for this year in Budapest. Pray for us to be fruitful, bringing beauty and order and life to everyone around us in the name of Jesus!

Wave of Hope #2 – Ukraine

Today marks the 4th day of the Wave of Hope in Ukraine. It is also the Day of Independence of Ukraine. At the moment, over a hundred volunteers and YWAM staff are building homes for people who had their homes destroyed when the Russians invaded. It is a tangible way to show the love of Jesus. We are also running a camp for the kids in the village during this Wave of Hope as well as helping to rebuild a youth center. There is a lot going on, lots of Hope! We are hoping that next year, on the day of National Independence of Ukraine we will find that the whole of Ukraine is independent and the war is over.

Loved sharing about last year!

Thank you to everyone who came to hear about our year of transition from a war zone to Budapest. If you couldn’t be there, we hope you will take some time to watch the video below. You can even speed it up and listen while you are doing dishes 🙂 That is our favorite way to enjoy a podcast.