These past few weeks, the kids have been home doing their school here. With covid, the kids went back to school in September, however their school stopped for 2 weeks when a few cases popped up in their classes. Even though I have many commitments to work on here in Kyiv, I had to put it all aside because all day long I would be with Kai helping him get through assignments after assignment. Jay would need me to come and just help him focus and not start listening to K-Pop and watching Mr. Beast videos, and Cassie would be pretty much all on her own (but I would miss seeing her so I would pop in there too if I had time).

I have been realizing how precious these times are, though I also have felt a bit overwhelmed because my commitments are getting pushed to the side. This morning they went back to school and I felt sad. I went into each of their rooms and just took a picture of their beds, their tables etc. Each one of them has such a precious personality.

Kai’s Bed Age 8

Kai loves his stuffies! He has dogs, elephants, bears, and everything else you can imagine! He loves them and has ALL of them in his bed at night!

Jay’s bedside table Age 10

Jay fills up the table beside his bed with everything you can imagine. Of course, legos still take a high priority, next to his books, brush, alarm clock, Bible, and let’s not forget his pocket knife. This table represents so much about his energy and love of life!

Cassie’s bedside bookshelf – Age 12

Books, pretty lights, fun stripes, plants and probably a hidden chocolate bar in there, Cassie loves to spend time in this little cozy corner. She is really becoming a young woman that tries so hard to be patient with younger brothers, but definitely needs some alone time!